Most of us have always wanted to travel the world and try new things, but we all get so caught up in our lives sometimes that we forget to just enjoy the sights around us. So if you are up for an adventure, then these are some places you have to try and visit before you die:

Jordan, Petra
Go see the city carved entirely out of rock! A large and magnificent place that is truly a treasure to behold and will make you feel so tiny in comparison to the skilful people of old who could manipulate the hard mountain and turn it into the place of their livelihood.

India, Taj Mahal
This white marble structure is a monument that will certainly awe you with its beauty and rich history, for it was made as a testament of love to Mumtaz Mahal by her grieved husband upon her death. The mogul emperor wanted to create something of grandeur for his lost love and he captured it in the masterfully built Taj Mahal which he had commissioned as a tomb for his wife.

Japan, Cherry blossom season
When Japan’s beautiful pink cherry blossom trees are in bloom the air feels magical. Everything from the scent to the pale pink colour will absolutely captivate you and you feel as though you could spend hours just gazing up at the beautifully enchanting trees.

U.S.A, the Grand Canyon
Experience the deep and vast wonder that is this ancient canyon carved out over millions of years by the elements. A jaw dropping natural wonder that will awe you and have you pondering the power of nature.

England, the Scottish Highlands
Roam the misty Highlands in order to take in the sites of rolling hills and lush farmlands all while you breath the cool morning air. The breath-taking views are so enchanting that you would happily leave your rest homes New Zealand just to take a morning stroll along the country side.

Italy, Pompeii
See the place that Mount Vesuvius violently erupted killing an entire civilization while simultaneously preserving everything in the land for the generations to come. The whole town is relatively still intact despite all that took place there so you can still explore this ancient city. Not to mention you can also see what happened to the people who lived there who were encased in molten lava exactly how they last were.

Kenya, the Maasai Mara national reserve
Come alive in the wilds of the African savannah. See a pride of lions, pink flamingos on the lake, monkeys swinging from the trees, crocodiles and lazy hippos in the river and tall giraffes gazing at you from the distance. Kenya will not fail to transport you to what seems like a new world.

Egypt, the pyramids of Giza
See the magnificent structures built by the millions of slaves who were owned by the excessive pharaohs of ancient Egypt. These huge structures rise out of the dessert sand like towering giants. These Pyramids are a sight to behold although, it’s too bad that the pharaohs built these only as tombs for themselves. They did not really have any retirement plans since there were no retirement villages and other such entertainments for them, so they had to begin building their place of rest early on in life. For more information, please click here.