Nowadays there are countless people who prefer to live in strata estates. If you do not know what strata estates are, then they are properties that are jointly owned by multiple stakeholders. It compromises of different houses, however, every resident would share the same facilities and would have to manage in maintaining a clean environment together. There are many people who often have problems with strata estate because you never know whether you would be able to get along with other residents or not. One of the main causes for conflict in strata estate is most commonly cleanliness. Just because you care about hygiene, this does not mean that others would as well. If you clean the outer area of your house, your neighbours may not want to do the same regularly as well. There are other problems of a strata estate as well that can often prove to be too much, this is the reason why so many people living in strata estates nowadays prefer to get the assistance of a strata manager in North Shore.

The job of a strata manager is to help the residents of the strata estate in keeping things managed. There are a number of things which the strata manager is responsible for, and it is without a doubt that these services can make your life much easier. So, what is the role of a strata manager? Let’s see.

Fund Collection

The most important part about keeping a strata estate managed is equally collecting the funds from every person. If you do not have a strata manager to help you out, then couple of people would have to take this responsibility to go out there every month and collect the funds. However, once you hire strata services from Strata One, then they are going to take care of this task. All of the funds are going to be sent to them and they will not only make sure they keep a record of where everything is spent, but also provide you with just the kind of services that you require from them.


It is important to keep every strata estate well maintained and if you do not have a strata manager looking out for this, then it can prove to be a bit challenging. The job of a strata manager is to always make sure that common areas such as the gym, the pool as well as all the parks are always well-maintained. They are going to distribute the funds accordingly and get the assistance of their contacts for regular maintenance of these facilities.

Ensuring Safety

Safety is also a huge factor in strata estates, and when you hire strata manager, then this is also something you should not be concerned about. Apart from always making sure the fire exits are operational, they are also going to hire additional security to keep the residents safe.